Trump’s team wanted ex-president to get on TikTok ahead of Jan.6 Save America rally to produce ‘viral’ content and ‘have the biggest account EVER’

A 22-page communications plan created by the Trump team in the run-up to January 6 included an entire section on getting the former TikTok president to viral content.Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images; Filip Radwanski / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

  • A new document has revealed that Trump’s team desperately wanted him to get on TikTok ahead of the Save America rally.

  • A 22-page communications manual included a section asking Trump to join TikTok to create viral content.

  • “It would be amazing if POTUS actually used the platform – it would have the biggest account EVER,” the document read.

A key pillar of Team Trump’s plans ahead of the Save America rally on Jan.6, 2021, involved the former president signing up to TikTok to produce viral content to garner support for his claims of baseless electoral fraud.

The pitch was described in a 22-page communications manual first published by Politico. Entitled “Strategic Communication Plan”, it was drafted by a group of anonymous individuals under the nickname “Giuliani Presidential Legal Defense Team”.

The document was one of a mine of documents submitted to the January 6 select committee last week by Timothy Parlatore, a lawyer representing Bernard Kerik.

One section of the document on conservative influencers, in particular, included a full section on TikTok, urging Trump to join the platform to help with the social media campaign.

“TIKTOK *** WE have to use TIKTOK !! The content is going VIRAL here like no other platform !!!!! And there are MILLIONS of Trump supporters!” read the document. “It would be amazing if POTUS actually used the platform – he would have the biggest account EVER.”

The paper lists ten TikTok influencers and the number of their followers, including conservative influencers TikTok Conservative Barbie and Republican Hype House. The list also included Dr. Sara Lorei, describing her as an account with “less followers” that “makes an incredible Kamala Harris impression”, and Adam Calhoun, a “musical artist, hilarious but swear a lot, rough character but I thinks he will connect with a lot of people. “

Trump currently does not have a TikTok account and called for a ban on TikTok in the United States while he was president.

According to the document, the goal of this communications blitz was to run a “nationwide awareness campaign to educate the public about the fraud figures and to inspire citizens to call on lawmakers and members of Congress to ignore the fraudulent vote count and certify President Trump. “

This communication blitz was to take place between December 27 and January 6 and mobilize a multitude of conservative influencers and members of the House Freedom Caucus. According to the document, the purpose of the communications campaign was to put pressure on Republican senators in swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, as well as members of the GOP of the House and the Senate.

Kerik is an associate of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and former New York City Police Commissioner. He was subpoenaed in November by the Jan. 6 panel to provide information about his role in helping Giuliani find evidence of voter fraud after the 2020 presidential election, according to CNN. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, and Trump’s allegations of voter fraud have been refuted.

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