These iPhone secret codes unlock ALL emoji – how to use them today

FINDING the right emoji isn’t always easy, especially if you find yourself going through the options on your iPhone’s keyboard.

Fortunately, most keyboard apps come with a search feature to help you find the symbol you’re looking for in seconds.


Searching your iPhone keyboard’s emoji catalog is far from the fastest way to find the symbol you are looking for.Credit: Alamy

This is great if you are looking for something simple, like the smiley emoji (search for “smile”) or the American flag (search for “USA”).

Capturing the darker emojis is a bit trickier, though, since you might not be sure what keywords to look for.

What do you type to find the odd emoji resembling David Bowie, for example, or the hand gesture made famous in the 1960s TV series “Star Trek”?

Fortunately, some smart clogs on the internet have found the keywords for each emoji and cobbled them together into a huge list.

Typing the phrases into the emoji search bar of your iPhone keyboard will bring up the symbol you are looking for in no time.

This means you can avoid spending precious seconds browsing your entire emoji library in search of the perfect emblem to punctuate your texts.

How to find emoji on iPhone

The way you search for emoji depends on the keyboard app you are using.

The vast majority of iPhone owners use the Apple keyboard, which comes preinstalled on all iOS devices.

To search for an emoji on the Apple keyboard, first open any app you can write in, like WhatsApp, iMessage, or Notes.

Once your keyboard is open and ready to chat, tap the smiley emoji icon at the bottom left to view your emoji catalog.

You can type text in the “Find Emoji” box at the top of your keyboard to narrow down your options based on certain keywords.

You can also search for emoji in third-party keyboard apps that you downloaded from the App Store.

On Google’s Gboard and Microsoft’s Swiftkey, for example, you can do this by simply following the same steps as above.

If you don’t see the emoji button in any of the apps, go to your app’s settings and turn it on.

IPhone Emoji Codes

Below are some hidden keywords that you can search for in Apple Keyboard for some of the most popular emoji.

If you’re using a third-party keyboard, many (but not all) keywords will work pretty much the same.

You can read a full list of emoji keywords for iPhone here.

  • “😂”: “so funny | too funny | hilarious | lol | crack | crack | crack me | die laughing | tears of joy | tears of happiness | funny | funniest | laughing | haha ​​| hehe | cry smiley | smiley face | laugh | lmao | lolz | lols | lulz | rotfl | rotflmao “
  • “😇” – “angel | halo | innocent | smiley halo | you’re welcome | my pleasure | it wasn’t me | emoji halo”
  • “😉”: “wink | wink | blinking smiley | blinking emoji | hehe | heehee | I got you | don’t worry | no worries | you’re welcome | you’re welcome | good luck | unbelievable | enjoy “
  • “😍”: “I love | in love | love smiley | I love you | I love them | I love him | I love him | in love with | it’s beautiful | you are beautiful | so beautiful | my love | cute for | I crush you | I love you “
  • “🙄”: “duh | uh | rolling eyes | rolling eyes | face looking up | rolling eyed face | oh please | donk | obviously” “🙈”: “stop seeing | oh no”
  • “😛”: “silly | tongue | stick out my tongue | tongue out emoji | tongue out face | tongue out smiley”, “🙉”: “stop listening | oh no”
  • “🙅‍♀️”: “it will not happen | it will not happen | bad choice | lawlessness | refused | rejected | disagree”
  • “👩‍💻”: “tech worker | tech worker | technologist | technician | computer worker | Apple Engineering | woman in tech | female tech worker | female technologist | female in computer science | woman in IT | female genius Apple “
  • “😌”: “relieved | sounds good | relaxed | relaxing | happy”
  • “🌎”: “globe | world | planet”
  • “👨‍🎤”: “singer | musician | artist | musical artist | singer man | musician man | artist man | musical artist man | diva | singer | minstrel | soloist”
  • “🖖”: “live long and prosper | Vulcan | Hi Vulcan | Spock”
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