Graham High School Student of the Week

Claim to fame / honors: Junior and Senior Class President, National Honors Society President, CBC Athlete of the Month, Regional Finalist in 300m Hurdles, 1st CBC 300m Hurdles Team, 2nd CBC 100m Hurdles Team, 2nd CBC Soccer Team.

Words you live by: It’s like that.

Most difficult challenge: balance whatever i wanna do

Biggest influence: my parents and my grandfather

School day rituals: I always drink an iced vanilla coffee every day before school.

What is on the walls of your room: pictures of my friends

When I’m bored, I like … play piano and sing

Favorite movie: Annabelle: The Creation

Person who would play you in a movie: Taissa Farmiga

Favorite TV Show: Motel Bates

Favorite musical artist: Simple plan

Favourite book: This is where it ends with Marieke NijKamp

Homemade Favorite Food: Sloppy Joes

Favorite restaurant: Chick-fil-A

In what spirit would you like to read: the spirit of my dogs

Place where you would like to travel: Bora Bora

Talent you would like to have: play guitar or violin

Preferred school subject: Math

Favorite athlete: Keni harrison

Favorite team: United States National Women’s Football Team

Something in the world that I would like to change: I would like to help decrease the amount of animal cruelty.

Favorite time in high school: Winner of the CBC first team in the 300m hurdles.

Favorite junk food: milkshakes or Slushies

Best thing about high school: it’s being able to spend time with friends and enjoy the little things.

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