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These females rock, literally.

The annual Women Who Rock concert features Rita Wilson, Sheila E, Orianthi, Lauren Monroe, Jackie Popovec with the Vindys and DJ Femi. They will perform starting at 7 p.m. Saturday at Stage AE on the North Rim of Pittsburgh.

The evening will be hosted by Pittsburgh’s own woman of rock, WDVE disc jockey Michele Michaels.

The musical evening benefits the Magee-Womens Research Institute. Michael Annichine, CEO of the Magee-Womens Research Institute, said the partnership with Women Who Rock has created an additional voice for women’s health.

He said the funds can continue research that covers women from in vitro to adulthood and into their retirement years.

“The musicians are so talented and the event helps us reach new audiences and the funds raised have a direct impact not only on what we do for women in Western Pennsylvania, but around the world,” Annichine said.

Melinda Colaizzi, founder of Women Who Rock, said the bottom line is fundraising for research aimed at curing cancer and finding advanced medical treatments for other women’s health issues that are under-researched.

“They are doing an amazing job,” said Colaizzi. “They raise awareness of the importance of women’s health. We can use the music of Women Who Rock as a megaphone to promote the Magee-Womens Research Institute and the musicians.

National and local musicians will perform, including the winner of the Rising Star Contest, organized to help the next generation of singers / songwriters.

Last year, the event was virtual due to the pandemic. This allowed the event to reach a global audience, said Colaizzi, which includes a partnership with guitar maker Gibson and his nonprofit Gibson Gives.

He has raised over $ 2.5 million to support nonprofits in their efforts to help musicians. Guests can bid on a personalized limited-edition modern Gibson double-cut semi-hollow guitar. Auction items are available to bid online or at the event.

“It’s good to come back in person,” said Colaizzi.

Annichine accepted.

“There is so much energy in this piece when they perform,” Annichine said. “Women are just as capable as their male counterparts when it comes to music and we want to help find ways to keep them healthy.”

Tickets are available here. Proof of covid-19 vaccination required.

JoAnne Klimovich Harrop is the editor of Tribune-Review. You can contact JoAnne at 724-853-5062, or via Twitter .

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today in history | Region Tue, 12 Oct 2021 04:00:08 +0000

Today in history

Today is Tuesday, October 12, the 285th day of 2021. There are 80 days left in the year.

The highlight of today’s story:

On October 12, 2000, 17 sailors were killed in a suicide bombing attack on the destroyer USS Cole in Yemen.

To this date :

In 1792, the first American celebration of Columbus Day was held to mark the tercentenary of the landing of Christopher Columbus.

In 1933, bank robber John Dillinger escaped an Allen County, Ohio jail with the help of his gang, who killed sheriff Jess Sarber.

In 1942, during World War II, US naval forces defeated the Japanese in the Battle of Cape Hope. Attorney General Francis Biddle announced during a Columbus Day celebration at Carnegie Hall in New York City that Italian nationals in the United States would no longer be considered enemy aliens.

In 1973, President Richard Nixon appointed the leader of the parliamentary minority Gerald R. Ford of Michigan to succeed Spiro T. Agnew as vice-president.

In 1976, it was announced in China that Hua Guofeng had been appointed to succeed the late Mao Zedong as President of the Communist Party; It was also reported that Mao’s widow and three other people, known as the “Gang of Four”, had been arrested.

In 1984, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher escaped an assault on her life when an Irish Republican Army bomb exploded at a hotel in Brighton, England, killing five people.

In 1986, the meeting of the superpowers in Reykjavik, Iceland ended in stalemate, with President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev unable to agree on arms control or a date for a full-fledged summit in the United States.

In 1997, singer John Denver was killed in the crash of his privately-built plane in Monterey Bay, California; he was 53 years old.

In 2002, bombs blamed on militants linked to al-Qaida destroyed a nightclub on the Indonesian island of Bali, killing 202 people, including 88 Australians and seven Americans.

In 2007, former Vice President Al Gore and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the Nobel Peace Prize for sounding the alarm bells on global warming.

In 2017, President Donald Trump lashed out at hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico, saying the federal government could not continue to send aid “forever” and suggesting that U.S. territory was to blame for its efforts. financial difficulties.

In 2019, a black woman, Atatiana Jefferson, was shot and killed by a white officer in Fort Worth, Texas, inside her home after police were called to the residence by a neighbor who reported the door entrance was open. (Officer Aaron Dean, who shot Jefferson through a back window, resigned in the days following the shooting and is charged with murder; he has pleaded not guilty and is due to stand trial in November.)

Ten years ago: A Nigerian al-Qaida agent pleaded guilty to attempting to bring down an airliner with a bomb in his underwear; Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (OO’-mahr fah-ROOK ‘ahb-DOOL’-moo-TAH’-lahb) defiantly told a federal judge in Detroit that he acted in retaliation for the murder of Muslims around the world . Eight people were killed in a shooting at a barbershop in Seal Beach, California. (Scott Dekraai, whose ex-wife Michelle Fournier was among the victims, pleaded guilty to murder in 2014 and is serving a life sentence.)

Five years ago: Wells Fargo announced that its struggling CEO John Stumpf was resigning as the nation’s second largest bank was troubled by a scandal over its sales practices.

A year ago: At the start of the expedited Senate confirmation hearings, Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett presented her approach to the law as conservative and fair, while Democrats presented it as a threat to the law. health care coverage for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. During his first campaign rally since contracting COVID-19, President Donald Trump insisted to his supporters in Florida that he had brought the nation a “rapid recovery” from the pandemic. A Wisconsin judge allowed the state’s mask tenure to continue, rejecting an attempt by the Republican-controlled legislature and a conservative law firm to overturn it even as coronavirus cases rose and that the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 reached a new high. Facebook has said it will ban posts that deny or distort the Holocaust. Roberta McCain, mother of the late Arizona Senator John McCain, has died at the age of 108.

Today’s Birthdays: Former Senator Jake Garn, R-Utah, is 89 years old. Singer Sam Moore (formerly of Sam and Dave) is 86 years old. Broadcast journalist Chris Wallace is 74 years old. Actress-singer Susan Anton is 71 years old. Jane Siberry is 66 years old. Actor Hiroyuki Sanada is 61 years old. Actor Carlos Bernard is 59 years old. Jazz musician Chris Botti (BOH’-tee) is 59 years old. R&B singer Claude McKnight (Take 6) is 59 years old. Rock singer Bob Schneider is 56 years old. Actor Hugh Jackman is 53 years old. Actor Adam Rich is 53 years old. R&B singer Garfield Bright (Shai) is 52 years old. Country musician Martie Maguire (Courtyard Hounds, The Chicks) is 52 years old. Actor Kirk Cameron is 51 years old. Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller is 44 years old. Rock singer Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory) is 42 years old. Actor Brian J. Smith is 40 years old. Actor Tyler Blackburn is 35 years old. Actor Marcus T. Paulk is 35 years old. Actor Ito Aghayere is 34 years old. Actor Josh Hutcherson is 29 years old.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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Singer from Georgia: “The Voice” auditions “confirmed my dreams” Sun, 10 Oct 2021 15:38:36 +0000

Many children hear their parents singing, but Augusta’s newborn Israel Hambrick is one of the few who can say he heard his father sing for the first time during the final audition for one of the America’s biggest singing competitions.

Although he may not know it now, Israel was a witness to his father, Tony Aaron Hambrick, competing for a spot on the season of the hit TV show “The Voice”.

“Although he might not remember it, just to know that the first time you heard your father sing was on NBC, he was standing at Universal Studios in Burbank, CA, Hollywood, CA, singing for John Legend, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, ”Hambrick exclaimed,“ I think that’s totally cool. ”

The 31-year-old singer has been a native of Augusta forever. He began singing at his family’s Live River Baptist Church, near Tobacco Road, where his mother sang as a choir soloist.

“Between going to the choir rehearsal every Thursday, doing homework in the pews, listening to the choir sing and listening to my mother sing and listening to my other church members sing, I developed a love and passion for it. vocals, ”Hambrick said.

His parents invested in this passion, and after years of lessons and practice he now leads the choir program at Jessye Norman School of the Arts, serves as a cult leader in his church, teaches music at North Augusta Middle School and gives concerts on weekends. . And Hambrick’s musical talents would give him an even greater opportunity.

“I was at my job one day, and I was scrolling on Instagram and comes an NBC sponsored post for an open casting, and I don’t know what it was, but I was like ‘Why not?’” he asks.

That question and a few preliminary interviews later, Hambrick got a call from a California number, and the voice of an executive producer said, “We want to welcome you to Hollywood.” What was his response?

“My first words were ‘Stop playing on my phone!’ That’s what I told an NBC producer! Hambrick remembered with a burst of laughter. “He was like ‘No, no, no, Tony. I am so serious. Welcome to Hollywood ”, and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed. I just couldn’t stop. It was my reaction. I couldn’t believe it had happened.

But as happy as he was, when he broke the big news to his wife Sharla, he said he decided not to go through with it since Sharla was still pregnant with Israel at the time, and that she would give birth in the next few weeks. . But Sharla didn’t have it.

“She was like ‘You would be crazy to turn down this opportunity,’” Hambrick said.

“It’s something he’s always strived for,” Sharla said. “That’s one of his goals, and he always said he wanted to be on a bigger platform, and I’m just like, ‘Just because we’re about to have a baby and that I’m pregnant, you won’t miss this opportunity. ‘”

Hambrick seized the opportunity and flew to California just a week after Israel was born. Sharla, her new son and Hambrick’s mother watched him sing Justin Bieber’s “Anyone” for the judges. Hambrick admitted he was nervous during the performance, and the judges noticed him in parts of his singing, leading them not to offer him a spot in the competition. But they left it with other reviews that served as a driving force.

He said that Grande “loved my voice, she adores my falsetto”, that Legend said “” you’re going to have a successful career “” and Shelton said “” Look, we really want you to come back “.

Hambrick was disappointed that he hadn’t moved forward, and since the last episode of the blind auditions ended on October 5, he was disappointed that he hadn’t appeared in one of the episodes. However, he appeared beforehand in some of the show’s TV promotions, which made him and his loved ones excited. Hambrick himself was cheerfully cheering on his new friends on Tuesday’s show as they made their way to the next phase of the competition.

“Knowing their history, getting to know them over the time that we were together in California and, of course, we spent a lot of time together, so we got to know each other pretty well, really quickly,” Hambrick said. “So seeing them on screen, seeing friends, seeing family playing, why wouldn’t I be excited?”

But whether or not Hambrick tries for the show, which he hasn’t decided yet somehow, that experience gave him something he badly needed.

“I needed confirmation,” he said. “There have been times when I have questioned my own talent and my own ability … (This experience) confirms my dreams and desires. They don’t just have to be dreams and desires but it can be reality the only thing I have to do is work … I might not be a world superstar today but this does not mean that I won it will not be tomorrow.

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]]> 0 Sarah Perrotta’s new record is stimulating, enveloping and transformative Sat, 09 Oct 2021 14:30:38 +0000

Sarah Perrotta

The graceful and dramatic artistic song of Sarah Perrotta, a native of Mid-Hudson, has always struck me as a variation of progressive rock. This is true of both his impending new release – the magnificent and defining career of his career. From blue to gold – and his first work with the art-pop duo Outloud Dreamer. Perrotta’s continued interest in keyboard counterpoint, non-traditional forms, dizzying dynamics, and lush, cascading sounds may seem to owe more to the great generation of experimental female singer-songwriters of the ’80s and’ 90s: Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan. But I claim these brilliant women were also employed in the singer-songwriter division of Prog.

Literally, no one agrees with me.

That’s the thing with progressive rock. No one raises their hand when you call their name. No one is reluctant to do so. Yet the Prog rock impulse continues to assert itself, transmuted and disguised, in the most unlikely places.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Prog establishment came under intense pressure, evolve or die, from pub rock, punk and new wave. The punk agenda seemed to target progressive arena rock by name, demolishing its epic forms; its Ren Faire fashions; and its distant and spenserian lyrical pretensions born in the real Hogwarts of Eton and Charterhouse.

Punk and the New Wave claimed to clean the bridges of all that indulgent, quasi-orchestral goop, restoring hooks, marrow, transgressive energy, sex and political agency as the natural values ​​of rock and roll, like Eddie. Cochrane wanted it. All of this landed punk’s greatest poet, Joe Strummer, the son of the British diplomat, on stages in the arena he probably would have preferred to burn with Pink Floyd and Asia still upon them. You will struggle with this paradox. I’m here to talk about Prog.

Prog’s journey

Challenged, energized and in survival mode, Prog has adapted. For a while the evidence was all over the pop charts: yes with the hit-laden, proto-sampled 90125 (“Owner of a Lonely Heart”) and Genesis with invigorating, groove-focused mid-career climax ABACAB (“No response at all.”)

Compare these cryptic, wordless album tracks to such lavish predecessors as Tales of topographic oceans Where The lamb lies down on Broadway. Prog was learning to be terse.

Meanwhile, King Crimson, who had never considered himself to be Prog, adapted with a big FU to pop: the fierce, lean, mathematical and urgent rock art of Discipline and To beat, music so edgy and startlingly fresh that it immediately spilled over into the more adventurous things of the New Wave, like Police, Talking Heads and XTC.

Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel launched a solo career that, over time, would arguably invent cerebral rock minimalism, rock globalism, and an early take on hybrid man / machine electronics, possibly arriving a little earlier. Prince, but after the Germans. .

The pop hits of Prog’s Last Breath have followed the path of all pop, but the edgy nu-prog modalities pioneered by Crimson and Gabriel have remained timeless, a musical truth. Which brings us back to Sarah Perrotta’s Blue to Gold, release planned for mid-October. Produced by great drummer Jerry Marotta, whose paw prints are everywhere the best of Peter Gabriel’s solo, Blue to Gold features contributions from a number of top players with prog and art-rock backgrounds including Marotta, of course, as well as her drummer Gabriel Tony Levin, Sara Lee of Gang of Four, Bowie’s sideman Gerry Leonard, and more. It was recorded at Dreamland Studio and at Marotta’s personal studio in Jersville.

Costly surprises

Blue to Gold is a daringly maximalist and baroque record. Dare because minimalism is so trendy right now. Billie Eilish’s new record Happier than ever, on which the Californian pop prodigy explores every teenager’s struggle with global stardom, is richly musical in composition but threadbare in arrangement and tone, as anyone could populist like anything by Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger. And it’s also the greatest thing in the world.

This age is crazy for very personal words of unmediated experience and one-iron emotion. I’m old, so I call it “denominational”. Fork is younger, so they call it “transparency”. This lyrical value also has a musical analogy, evident in a lot of minimalist mainstage pop and in recent singles released by my favorite eccentric roots-rock darlings Big Thief, songs so loosely arranged, undeveloped and undercooked that ‘they sound like donuts never quite did in the deep fryer. They do it because they can.

Blue to Gold comes from this other universe, the one where the choirs materialize and disappear, where armies of guitars with the flavors of the 80s infiltrate above global polyrhythms wrapped in delicate, cleverly crimped and fluffy layers of synths, mellotron, from strings, studio ambience and arrangements to the geological layers.

There is an expensive surprise around every corner of this record. This more is more aesthetic can sometimes lead to music that is nothing but a placemat, not a table. But rhyming partners Perrotta and Marotta, along with Marotta’s favorite mixing engineer Michael Cozzi, have worked hard to make sure Sarah’s songs and whispered vocals always stay on point. Each element serves the peak and fall tidal arcs of these songs and their radical emotional intent.

Things start off pretty little with a distant, monophonic piano melody and an intimate voice right in your ear hole at the top of “On the Other Side”. But give it a minute. At 2:50 a.m., that same intimate voice rises to the top of a choir of angels and a gigantic power ballad rhythm. At 4:20, Perrotta takes up the fragile piano / voice intro, and the epic stave of Blue to Gold has been unquestionably established.

Jerry and Sarah.

Clever songs

It works, and one of the reasons is the rather sublimated values ​​of Perrotta’s song art. As rock bands continually find out when trying to become symphonic, you can only add so much complexity to the top of a one-four-five. Perrotta’s skillful and artful songs offer a lot of harmonic sophistication for the backing vocals and sound design to feed. Some tunes here, like the charming “Echo of Joy”, take on an almost musical quality.

After a three-song opening epic streak, we’re refreshed with a few pithy pop numbers under four minutes in “Firestorm” and “Heartbeat,” the latter knowingly echoing Cyndi Lauper’s two-beat vocal phrase. “Time after time. After that, we return to the land of the art-pop epic for the duration, a four-song streak that includes several of the record’s highlights, to my ears: the groovy, complex” Spectrum of Color. ” and moving.

The impressionistic ballad of the title track (Sarah and I bonded several times over our love for Debussy) and the album’s impressive closing classic and doo-wop of “Circles” blend into the same soft whistle from which “On the Other” Side “first appeared.

The relationship

This record is a journey: stimulating, enveloping and transforming. No wonder it took so long to do.

“The design of the songs all had a simple start,” Perrotta said. “They all start with a sentiment, which can be an epic sentiment, but the initial performance is raw and straightforward, with just the vocals and the piano. I brought these songs to Jerry, and we built them slowly over the course. of time, distilling their essence, combing them a million times until we both felt they were “done.”

“Although the album is lush, nothing is overplayed. Jerry asked me to record my piano parts with one hand at a time, asking me to simplify my parts as much as possible. The layers are built rhythmically with simple patterns. It’s the way all of these parts relate to each other that creates the feeling of greatness.

Blue to Gold is clearly about the dynamics and trust of the artist-producer relationship. “I don’t think we ever got into a fight over the outcome of a song in the end,” said Marotta. “Sometimes you have to try six misconceptions until you find the right idea. Some of my favorite songs that I have produced have very little or nothing on them. A lot of times producers and artists feel like “we’re making one record, shouldn’t it have more? I don’t think you have to pile things up to appease the artist. I trust my instincts entirely. How does this affect me? do I love him? Does it move me?

Each song is approached individually. Each song had its own personality. “Kind of like people,” Marotta said. “I was keenly aware of maintaining Sarah’s presence on every song. If we are not careful, the artist can be overwhelmed by the production. I feel like we’ve done a good job of balancing the production of artists, songs, and songs. In Sarah’s case. she has the ability and the talent to be artistic one minute and eye-catching the next.

“The songs are each like a prayer or a meditation for me based on relationships and life experience,” Perrotta explained. “Topics include the fear and altruism of parenthood, transitioning, embracing our primitive dark side, rising above conflict, not wanting a good thing to end, being open to the pursuit of dreams. , finding unity in the midst of a misunderstanding, a tribute to a friend who died suddenly, a call to live fully and observe the cyclical beauty of it all.

Perrotta is an artist in the truest sense of the word, concludes Marotta. Warm. Kind. Passionate. Soulful. The way she is with her kids. Her husband. Her family. Her friends. Music. She’s an inspiration. She touches people, whether it’s playing the piano, singing or just walking into a room. I’m eternally grateful that the music brought us together. We’ll always be friends. I’m already thinking about where her next album should go.

For more information on Sarah Perrotta, visit To learn more about Jerry Marotta, visit Blue to Gold is scheduled for release October 15 on 7D Media / Third Star Records.

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Alex Lifeson “Not Interested” in New Tour Thu, 07 Oct 2021 12:35:26 +0000

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has ruled out going on tour again, saying he was more than tired of the experience after four decades on the road.

He said he had expected to miss being on stage when Neil Peart’s death put Rush’s career to an end in 2020, but he has since realized that he doesn’t mind. at all.

Lifeson, who is currently working on a record with Coney Hatch’s Andy Curran, recently said Guitar world: “I don’t really think about that. It’s hard enough to try to release this album first. … To be honest with you, I don’t think I have the guts to go on the road. I mean, if it was a handful of shows it might be fun, but anything beyond that … After 40 years in hotel rooms, I’m not interested. I’ve had enough of this. I love my home life.

His other projects include launching a custom electric guitar, while he recently recorded a track with Tom Morello and Kirk Hammett. He has also previously said that there is a possibility that he will work again with former Rush band member Geddy Lee, although that does not involve using Rush’s name.

“I thought I would miss being on stage a lot more, but I really don’t,” Lifeson explained. “I’ve done a few things here and there. Little things… it’s usually a charity event or something. It’s pretty fun getting up and playing with other people, but the whole production – the big giant machine – doesn’t really appeal to me now. “

Top 50 progressive rock artists

From Kansas and Can to King Crimson and Curved Air.

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20-50-100 years ago – October 7 | New Thu, 07 Oct 2021 05:00:00 +0000

Retired South African Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu is 90 Author Thomas Keneally is 86 Comedian Joy Behar is 79 Former National Security Council Assistant Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North (retired) is 78 n Rock musician Kevin Godley (10cc) is 76 Actor Jill Larson is 74 Country singer Kieran Kane is 72 Singer John Mellencamp is 70 Rock musician Ricky Phillips is 70 Russian President Vladimir Putin is 69 Actor Mary Badham (Film: “Kill a Mockingbird”) at 69 n Rock musician Tico Torres (Bon Jovi) is 68 Actor Christopher Norris is 66 Cellist Yo-Yo Ma is 66 Gospel singer Michael W. Smith is 64 Olympic gold medalist ice dancer Jayne Torvill is 64 Actor Dylan Baker is 63 years old Actress Judy Landers is 63 years old n Recording director and TV personality Simon Cowell is 62 n Rock musician Charlie Marinkovich (formerly with Iron Butterfly) is 62 Actor Paula Newsome is 60 Country singer Dale Watson is 59 Pop singer Ann Curless (Exhibit) 58-year-old R&B singer Toni Braxton 54-year-old rock singer-musician Thom Yorke (radio head) at 53

The Chapin-Sacks Corporation, Buckeystown, which has operated an ice cream business for a few years, sold its holdings. The property, including the plant and fixtures, was purchased by Walker Hill Dairy, Washington, and the Nicodemus Company, Frederick. Walker Hill Dairy takes over the dairy business, which amounts to approximately 2,000 gallons per day, and all equipment used in connection with the dairy department. The company Nicodemus takes over the ice cream manufacturing equipment and the business set up by the company.

Yesterday, several hundred people gathered at the corner of Church and Market Streets, watching Game 2 of the New York City backyard fight between the New York Yankees, AHL, and the New York Yankees unfold. New York Giants, National League, for the Universe Baseball Championship. The electrical dashboard, erected on the front of the building housing the Shepherd Cigar Shop, has been secured for Frederick fans through Shepherd’s efforts and is the first to be used publicly in this town. The new board seemed like a novelty for fans who stuck from start to finish.

The new caterpillar harvest for 1921 indicates that next winter will come with considerable force, but the severe season will not be too long or very unusual, and the weather will be relatively mild towards the middle of winter. Observers rely heavily on caterpillars as meteorological indicators. They hit him exactly last winter. The degree of severity is indicated by the black marks on the worms – the blacker it is, the harsher the winter will be.

A citizens’ committee from Emmitsburg presented the Frederick County School Board on Wednesday with a proposal to expand the local elementary school to include city park facilities, health services, library services, a center for teenagers and a community center.

For Frederick County, Maryland’s premier dairy county and home to the world champion dairy cow, it would be hard to imagine that an entire nation could exist without a dairy industry, let alone even a single commercial dairy herd. . But Frederick County and the dairy farm of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Remsburg on Wednesday hosted the Secretary of Agriculture for the small West African coastal nation of Liberia – which, in fact, has no commercial dairy industry.

Frederick County Lodge Masons will join over 8,000 Masons from across Maryland counties on October 2 in communion with Maryland Masonic Homes in Cockeysville to husk corn grown on 425 acres of rolling farmland. After their work in the fields, large amounts of food will be served to these masons during an early breakfast, and traditionally they will receive a souvenir penny for their work.

This date was a Sunday. The Frederick News-Post has not yet published a Sunday edition.

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CSA Exclusive: Rock Star Goes Into Cannabis Retail, NFT Wed, 06 Oct 2021 16:58:37 +0000

For Raine Maida, lead singer and founder of alternative rock band Our Lady Peace, the cannabis and NFT retail verticals are natural advances in the music industry.

Maida, whose Toronto-based band released their debut album “Naveed” in 1993 and will soon release “Spiritual Machines II”, is the co-founder of Canadian cannabis brand Loop / Pool and product manager of the platform. NFT S! Ng. He recently sat down with Chain store age for a conversation about his cannabis and NFT business, and even a little bit about the rock ‘n roll industry.

“My friend Ian Kwechansky started the Loop / Pool cannabis brand,” Maida said. “Cannabis has always played a big role in the music industry, and I had become plugged into the medical side, such as being a sleep aid and pain management.”

Although Maida clarifies that Loop / Pool is not a charity, he is proud to highlight the social conscience aspect of the business.

“A portion of the funds go to a coalition of diverse artists to proactively fund activities like recording an album or video, or touring,” Maida said. “Cannabis and music make a good marriage”.

Loop / Pool currently sells primarily edible cannabis products made from different strains through what Maida calls a “strong network” of hundreds of partner stores across Canada.

“We are selective in choosing our business partners and producers,” commented Maida. “Cannabis is a booming business, but we are starting small, focusing on quality over quantity. This approach will remain if we move into other cannabis products, such as infused drinks. “

Loop / Pool was recently licensed to sell its product through third party retail stores in the Canadian province of Ontario. Maida said the company could eventually go into retailing cannabis directly to consumers through e-commerce, but he is happy with its growth so far.

“Ontario is like the California of Canada,” he said. “At the moment, we only operate in Canada, but we would like to move to the United States. Cannabis is like music, there really are no boundaries. ”

Maida also laughed at how the cannabis and music markets differ.

“Music is practically free; cannabis, not so much, ”he said. “It’s an exaggeration, but not really. However, people are willing to pay for music, but the opportunity has been taken away from them by streaming. “

As an example, Maida said the e-commerce site Bandcamp, which sells physical music products such as t-shirts and vinyl records, ran a program during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic where artists would retain 100% of all profits from the sale of their products on Fridays.

“It was a huge success,” Maida said. “People want to support artists.

To this end, Maida is also involved in the non-fungible token industry (NFT). NFTs are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain ledger that certifies the owner. There is no way for an NFT to have more than one owner, and only the certified owner can sell it. In addition to helping bands develop NFT merchandise as S! Ng’s product manager, he’s gearing up for Our Lady Peace to release an NFT version of his upcoming album.

[Read more: Three reasons retailers find NFTs nifty]

“This will be our first full album available on NFT,” he said. “There will be added value as a digital collection. “

Additional features on the NFT version of the album will include separate vocal and drum stems, as well as an alternate demo version of the lead single “Stop Making Stupid People Famous”. A single NFT version of the album will provide the full experience for fans, with a merchandise pack, a meet and dinner with the band, and the ability to attend a concert from behind the stage.

“We want to support the fans and give them more fun,” Maida said. “The NFT will be released as a separate limited edition of 5,000 to 10,000 copies. Maybe we’ll get more out of it if it sells. The NFT album hasn’t officially been released, but I’m deep in space – it’s not a side hustle for me.

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Blake Shelton Completes ‘The Voice’ Team With Tommy Edwards Wed, 06 Oct 2021 01:48:34 +0000

Country star and veteran The voice Coach Blake Shelton filled his list of Season 21 hopefuls in Tuesday night’s blind audition series (October 4). The eight-time champion, who calls his team the GOAT (“the greatest of all time”), has turned his chair for rock singer Tommy Edwards.

The 27-year-old from Montana performed in the middle of the hour-long program, auditioning with Train’s “Drops of Jupiter”. As with everything The voice auditions, he channeled the melody to the blind eyes.

The pressure was even more intense for Edwards, as Shelton and fellow coaches John Legend and Kelly Clarkson each had only one free slot in their squads, and Ariana Grande’s squad was already full by the time of her performance. . Fortunately, Edwards’ approach to the song earned him an immediate response from Shelton.

“I like it,” Shelton said excitedly as he swiveled in his chair.

Legend followed soon after, making it a bit more difficult for Shelton to officially add Edwards to his squad. But the country star got into a fight.

“I loved your voice. What I was hearing was the Black Crowes, “Shelton told Edwards after the performance. Even exists on that show for a little while, let alone until the finale.”

“You really know how to make your presence felt,” added Legend. “It’s not always easy with rock music. You have powerful battery life and electricity. I wish you were a member of Team Legend.

Shelton’s talented cast this season includes Peedy Chavis, Wendy Moten, Hailey Green, Lana Scott, The Joy Reunion, Carson Peters, Kaitlyn Velez, Berritt Haynes, Clint Sherman, Manny Keith and Libianca. All teams now engage in battle rounds.

The voice Airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

WATCH: A The voice Have you changed Blake Shelton?

The voice Stars, before + now:

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Smash Mouth singer reveals hiatus after mysterious singer appears Tue, 05 Oct 2021 13:05:28 +0000

This week, Smash Mouth confirmed to TMZ that lead singer Steve Harwell has taken a hiatus from the band’s recent concerts due to heart issues.

It is Harwell’s voice that directs the Northern California band’s late 90s pop-rock hits such as “All Star” and “Walkin ‘on the Sun”.

However, to the confusion of many fans, the group only clarified the nature of Harwell’s break after employing a mystery singer for several concerts. TMZ has not identified the replacement musician, but Smash Mouth bassist Paul De Lisle has performed in Harwell’s absence before. Since 2015, Harwell has struggled with heart failure and cardiomyopathy, a condition that makes it harder for the heart to pump blood.

Check out some fan-captured footage of a recent Smash Mouth performance near the bottom of this article.

“Steve was not feeling well,” the tabloid summed up from a statement by a representative for Smash Mouth on Tuesday. “[It] forced him to miss a few performances. The current singer of the band is “someone the band knows and was replacing a few shows, but it’s NOT a permanent movement.”

Echoing questions from viewers, Eve 6 singer and Twitter personality Max Collins tweeted, “ok a few things 1) @smashmouth have you really fired your singer and b) can i be your new singer.”

At the time of this post, it looks like Smash Mouth has yet to tackle the online singer exchange. In the past, they’ve used social media to question their exclusion from a list of top songs, say a “Straight Pride” parade to “FUCK OFF” and ask Drake to sit down at NBA games.

Last year, Smash Mouth played South Dakota’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally amid an increase in COVID-19 cases. The rally resulted in several new infections, according to the CDC.

Smash Mouth, “All Star” (Live – September 24, 2021)

Smash Mouth, “Walkin ‘on the Sun” (Live – September 24, 2021)

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The tribute to the queen that could haunt your dreams Mon, 04 Oct 2021 19:49:27 +0000

The Internet has finally done it; someone created a feline version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and if you love dogs like this author, chances are you have mixed feelings about it.

“Bohemian Catsody” is the product of YouTuber Shirley Șerban, a New Zealand woman who has a penchant for creating parody songs and has been very active in sharing these tunes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you read the “About” section of Shirley on her channel, she appears to be a lovely woman. However, the video below showing four different breeds of cats arranged in a staggered turn and singing lyrics like “Open the door, I’ll come, then I’ll go / Feed me now, don’t be slow” is pretty shocking even. when not in an altered state.

Shirley writes, in part, in the description of the video, “Cats are kings. We are their willing servants. Not quite sure about this one, but if you’re into cats, check out the video below and have fun. I’m a dog person, but I’m not so cruel to deprive cat people of their joy.

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Erica Banas is a classic rock / rock news blogger who knows the label well and is extraordinarily kind.

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