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The arts are part of a community that continues to thrive in Idaho Falls. A wide range of activities are available for kids and adults to get their feet wet, from participating in shows with the local theater to basic pottery and painting lessons. Idaho Actors’ Repertory Theater Founded in …

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Jonathan McReynolds topped the list with eight, followed by Anthony Brown & Group Therapy, Kierra Sheard, Maverick City Music and Pastor Mike, Jr. all tied with seven nominations

“We are extremely happy and proud to present our 36e of the annual Stellar Awards, on the theme “Lighting the way with our faith, our music and our family,” noted Don jackson, Founder of the Stellar Awards and Chairman of Central City Productions, Inc. “Over the past year, Gospel music …

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Girl in Red’s Clear Eyed Songs

Nine years ago, Marie Ulven, a Norwegian suburban teenager, like most of her peers, broadcast her interests on social media. Ulven’s hobby of choice was the fingerboard, a miniaturized version of skateboarding in which people perform tricks on tiny boards just using their hands. Ulven ultimately amassed a modest following …

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